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Telephone Consulting Service

In response to many requests, I now offer a 1 hour telephone consulting service. This service is an addition to my normal project based consulting service and is intended to benefit businesses in two main ways:

1) By providing professional, expert advice early on in the Web site or Internet strategy development phase. This can help insure you don't waste a lot of time and money by heading down the wrong path.

2) To explore ideas for improving your existing Web site, increasing revenues and increasing your return on investment.

The cost for this valuable service is only $125 and is limited by the guidelines as outlined below.

Because a mistake early on in the development of your Internet strategy or in the building of your Web site can cost you many thousands of dollars, you'll find that this small investment is one of the best that you can ever make. Even if you're already working with another company, a knowledgeable outside opinion or a third set of eyes can often greatly improve the likelihood of success and make sure that something important does not get overlooked.

I know from my own experience as a business owner and from the past 6 years of working in the Internet industry, that the biggest risk you may face is the fact that you don't know what you don't know. It's my goal to help you eliminate or at least greatly reduce that risk.

Because this service can only be made available to a limited number of people, the following guidelines apply.

  • There is a 1 hour minimum and maximum.
  • Payment of $125 must be made in advance.
  • By telephone appointment only. Evening and weekend telephone appointments are possible.
  • No written reports of any kind are included, unless agreed upon in advance.
  • If you are interested in on-site consulting, or feel you have a project that will definitely require more than one hour, please contact me directly.
Because the time is limited to 1 hour, please have your questions prepared in advance, and have a clear idea of what you most want to accomplish in the hour that we'll have. To schedule an appointment, please fill out the relevant information on my Contact page.

I look forward to talking with you!

Brian White
Mod Dog Internet Services, Inc.

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